Monday, September 13, 2010

bubble tea vending machine

(if you love bubble tea, pls read! i spent 5 hours doing this post LOL)

if there is one existing in school, below your void deck, at the shopping mall.. will you queue?

lets take a look at the bubble tea industry.

sweet talk
each a cup

there are still many smaller shops, but we are just going to look into one of the popular ones: koi. some people say koi is overrated, but face it, there are still many who are willing to queue for a cup or two.

so why koi is so popular in singapore?


koi is easy to pronounce. you learn marketing right? its so easy to go like, hey lets buy koi! lets koi. lets drink koi. koi leh. koi lah. koi koi koi. theres no way you can pronounce it wrongly because theres only one pronunciation for it. KOI.


you get to choose your sugar level:


its like drinking one flavour that tastes different everytime you change your sugar level. i always hear people saying, next time im going to try 70%! after having tried the 70%, they go "im gonna try 50%!" this way, koi already has their customers coming back 5 times just for the same flavour.

if they have 50 (for example) flavours,

50 flavours x 5 sugar level = 250 times

siao so many times!! time to get diabetes liao! hahahaha


having a queue number? honestly? we can do without that. but why do people like the idea of having one? because its DIFFERENT from the rest. its like SO COOL for the first timers.

during my virgin trip to koi i swear i felt it was damn cool to have a queue number, NOW I HATE IT WHEN I HAVE TO WAIT TO ORDER, AND THEN WAIT AGAIN TO GET MY BUBBLE TEA -.-


heres something i learned in econs. inferior goods are things you choose when you have lesser income, on the contrary, normal goods are those you can have if youre richer.
inferior: public transport
normal: personal car

now in the bubble tea industry
inferior: sweet talk
normal: koi

a cup of milk tea in sweet talk costs $1.50
a cup of the same size milk tea in koi costs $2.50, and $3.50 for a bigger cup

it kinda makes you more "high class" drinking koi than drinking sweet talk. the reason we go for sweet talk is probably because of convenience(?). if koi and sweet talk open their shops side by side, both with no customers at that time, i think i will choose koi despite it being more expensive.

why ah? nicer mah. actually also cuz its more high class la.

its like eating steak at a coffeeshop or a restaurant. you get the drift?

(and koi damn crazy one lor some are so expensive till like $10?? can really eat steak liao leh!)


now i have to admit i like their concept of having a bigger cup, it makes you think that youre paying for something more at a cheaper rate. but lets analyse that again

medium cup: 500ml
big cup: 750ml

sweet talk: $1.50 for 500ml
koi: $2.50 for 500ml // $3.50 for 750ml

at $3, you could have gotten 2 cups from sweet talk, and that ll be like, 1000ml?


the thing i like so much about koi is the taste (yumm some really damn nice teehee) and we get to choose our sugar level!


WHAT IF we get to retain all the customization ideas, yet cut away the waiting time. will you still buy?

heres the idea.

when you crave for a cup of bubble tea, you wish for a bubble tea delivery. but what if, the delivery hotline closes, the ice melt by the time it reaches you, and many many more.

what if you have a bubble tea VENDING MACHINE below your house. this way you can get a cup ANYTIME you want. that saves the shop rental, labour, the wages and stuff like that. if its not space consuming, we can place it in SCHOOLS, SHOPPING MALLS, HDB ESTATES, EVERYWHERE!


my idea is WE WILL HAVE A VENDING MACHINE that looks something like the general ticketing machine (but not exactly)


^ heres a picture of the GTM (the one at mrt station you use to top up your ezlink)

the vending machine will be touch screen like that,

first you choose your flavour:


your sugar level


amount of pearl


then order shows, you can choose to add more order, or confirm.


then it will direct you to the page where you get to choose your mode of payment. (ps. i dono the difference between the 2 nets, so i just put the 2 LOL)


lets say you chose cash/coins


you are given 10 seconds to insert the money. if within that 10 seconds nothing is inserted into the machine, your order will be considered void. if you put in money within that 10 seconds, it will be restarted to 10 again, aiya dono how to say, i think you get what i mean.

i know some kids and adults (lol) very itchy hands one. maybe never see the machine before, press here press there, in the end dont want to buy so never pay. what will happen? dont worry, this machine starts to make the bubble tea only after paying.


while you wait at the side for your bubble tea to be completed, the next person can actually start to use the machine too!


so the overall will look like this.


LOL I KNOW ITS DAMN UGLY HAHAHAHA I LAZY TO MAKE IT NICE. so its like you stand at the side to wait for your bubble tea to come out! you wont block the next person whos using the machine, and it will not take long for it to complete because MACHINE IS ALWAYS FASTER THAN HUMAN.

so the summary is

- 1 machine that caters to 2 person at the same time

- 4 cups can come out at the same time

- you see the board with words? thats the flavour and prices of the bbt. so the people queuing at the back can decide what they want to get



dont tell me you dont think its feasible. dont take it as its my idea. i know some people think im always full of crap hahaha but hey, lets take it as its already existing and its right below your house / in school / at the mall.

will YOU buy?


any engineering students interested to help me design this machine? contact me! HAHA